Marguerite Thomassine Faure Valleray
March 7, 1921 to December 22, 2001
"A Pearl of Great Price"

"Une perle de grand prix"


Madame Marguerite Valleray, a Christian Warrior, and the mother of Guy, Joel, Chantal, Eric, Annick, Micheline, and Ralph, died on  Saturday morning, December 22, 2001 at 3:45 a.m. in a hospital in Fort-de-France, Martinique.  She was 80 years old.

The name Marguerite in the French language means "Pearl."   Marguerite was certainly a pearl of great value to the Valleray Family, the Adventist Church, and community.

Mom at 45    Marguerite Valleray age 57    Marguerite Valleray age 80
Photos Above:  Marguerite Valleray Seasons of Life:  Age 45, 57, 80.


She worked for forty years for the Martinique Conference as a full-time teacher, then a full-time Bible Worker.  She touched thousands of lives through her witnessing, preaching, and caring spirit. Madame Valleray was the only Adventist female in Martinique that held ministerial license. She was a trained high school teacher, an evangelist, Bible scholar, and theologian, fully taught by the Holy Spirit; a loving mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. 

She was an intellectual giant and free thinker. Her enthusiasm and spirit permeated the lives of all with whom she came in contact.   For more than 20 years (up to a few years before her death) she produced a Bible Study program for the Adventist Radio in Martinique.

Although retired several years ago, she remained an active witness for Jesus. After her retirement at age 65 from full-time ministry, she owned and operated a Food and Nutrition Store in the heart of Fort-de-France, which helped to bring healing to countless lives. Her contribution to the growth and spirit of the church in Martinique is of inestimable value. She was certainly a "pearl" of great price."

Madame Valleray preparing a sermon         Madame Valleray visisting her birth, Guyana, in 1998

  The above left photo is Madame Valleray hard at work preparing a sermon.  The above right photo is Madame Valleray at age 78 on her visit to her birth place, Cayenne, French Guyana.  It was a first visit there since the age of six when she traveled to Martinique with her parents to live.  She was out-going woman, and was full of fun and laughter.  Her loved gardening and reading.   She embrace life to its fullest.
Madame Valleray died of cirrhosis of the liver and other complications on Sabbath morning.  She is the mother of seven children: Pastor Guy Valleray, Ministerial Director, French Antilles Adventist Union; Pastor Joel Valleray, Adventist pastor in France; Chantal Valleray, an entrepreneur; Eric Valleray, a telecommunications specialist and administrator in Martinique; Annick Brennen, a teacher and administrator at the Bahamas Technical Institute, Bahamas; Micheline Ladilas, a banking administrator; and Ralph Valleray, a philosophy teacher at the Adventist College in Martinique. The funeral service was held at Smyrne Seventh-day Adventist Church, Martinique on Tuesday, December 25, 2001, 2:30 p.m.   We await the great resurrection day. The homily was presented by her son-in-law, Pastor Barrington Brennen.


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