Christmas Dinner 2005
The Descendants of Theresa Major
Christmas Dinner on December 25, 2005, at the home of James Catalyn

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Click HERE to Watch Video Click of Little Dauntes Bryan

The Conclave

Keith, Katura's Son

David Catalyn and his wife

The Seymour Summit

Gina and her husband with Kirk

The Garden Corner

The Christmas Dinner

Aunt Gina

Brothers. Uncles Peter and James

Funny Relatives

Aunt Claudia

David's wife

Cousins. Aunt Claudia and Uncle Derek

Kirk's wife and son

Gina's daughter beautiful red head. It's real.

Gina's daughter and Kirk's son

Gina's husband

Kirk Catalano

Uncle Norman with daugher, Vanessa

Yes, this is me!

Aunt Katura

Aunt Theresa

The Calano Family

All of those at dinner

Brothers and sister: James, Mary, Peter

Gina's family

Katura and Keith

The are the real men of the day

"This is real good"

Vanessa and her last daughter

The Fighting Angels. Sisters: Christina, Katura, Vanessa

The "angels" with dad, Norman

"What a day this has been"

This is me. "Uncle, please take my picture."







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