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Christmas Dinner 2018

Twenty-eight descendents of Theresa Major (1900 to 1987) gathered at Sweet Refuge (The home of Annick and Barrington Brennen) on Tuesday, December 25, 2018, for the 65th annual Christmas dinner.  Uncle James provided the entire meal for many decades. He changed this tradition a few years ago, asking each family to contribute an item to the meal to help with the transition he knew was coming.  My, how things have changed! 


The annual Christmas dinner began on December 25, 1953, the year Theresa Major and her sons moved to Bar 20 Corner from the Shirley Street home they rented from the Butlers.

This was the first Christmas dinner since our beloved Uncle James Catalyn , passed away August 18, 2018.  It was also the first time having the dinner outside of the resident of James Catalyn for almost 50 years.  During the construction of the new dwelling to replace the old wooden one on Bar 20 Corner in the late 1960s, Christmas dinner was held at the home of Peter and Theresa Catalyn in Pine Dale.


Click here to see who was missing this Christmas.  We are determined to keep the tradition alive.  The torch has been passed on to the new generation.


We honor the memory of Theresa Major (1900 to 1987), Agnes Brennen (1910 to 1997), Mary Brennen (1928 to 2015), Alfred Brennen (1929 to 2015), Theresa Catalyn (1937 to 2015), James Catalyn (1940 to 2018), Keith Albury (1958 to 2006).


Persons and families who did not attend this year's dinner because they are living in other countries are:  Judith Edwards, her three sons, spouse, and  offspring;  Ann Albury, her three sons, spouses, and offspring; Isabella Thompson and her spouse; Marguerite Samuel, spouse, son and daughter; Gerard Brennen, spouse and sons.

See VIDEO of Christmas Dinner 2018 by Derek Catalano

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The Family

Peter Catalyn (red sweater), the only remaining sibling of the four children of Theresa Major--Joseph, Mary, Peter, James. From the left is Derek, Peter's oldest son; Claudia, Mary's oldest child; and, Gina, Peter's third child.

A tent was pitched on the grounds of Sweet Refuge.


The youngest descendent with his mother, Gayle Catalano, the wife of Christopher, who is the son of Derek.